Be Your Own Publicist Deluxe Box 


Is a 5-step plug and play virtually guided public relations starter kit. This start kit can be used for new publicist and non-publicist (I.e. brands seeking to do their own public relations.)


Do any of these apply to you?

  • Cannot afford the thousands of dollars in fees and six-month retainers?
  • Not ready to take on another monthly bill?
  • Unsure of how to reach media-outlets in your industry?
  • Having a hard time gaining exposure for your brand?
  • Having troubles with crafting a your brands angle to pitch to media?
  • Simply would like to learn the basics and do it yourself?


The Solution

We’ve developed a solution that's both cost-efficient and beneficial to your business. The BYOP box has been designed with 5-easy self-guidance templates and the opition to ask for help while working through each template all you have to do is select "Guided Help Click Here".


The templates will guide you through formal press release and media alert writing, help you form the perfect pitch, design a top tier media kit that will attract journalist, find and structure a proper media contact list!



  • Help you gain tools, strategies and the knowledge needed in order to handle basic and primary Public Relations functions under their brand or business.
  • Learning How to secure media placements through acurate story telling 
  • Develop a proper pitch to utilize with the media to obtain features.
  • A Multitude of other essential items that will help enhance and prepare you to further your exposure with the public and media.


We used the same exact templates and methods designed on each template in the BYOP Box to land us the following placements:

  •  Hello Beautiful 
  • Black Enterprise 
  • Fashion Bomb Daily
  • Sheen Magazine 
  • Black Love
  • Sheen Magazine


Templates Include:

+ Press Release
+ Media Kit

+ Media Advisory Alert

+ The Perfect Pitch 

+ Developing a creditable media list 


Be your own Publicist Deluxe Edition

  • Once the BYOP box is purchased, there will be no refunds all sales are final.